About us

We are implementer of most ERP software solutions & support services for the end customers. Also we are providing Pre-Sales assistance for the clients in solution selection & service provider evaluation analysis. Our Consultants have more than 10 year experience in implementing and supporting projects for wide range of industries and customers from different regions & ERP systems.

With more than 10 active customers in ERP field in Iran who successfully implemented their solutions by cooperation of PSD teamwork.

We can boldly say that we live and breathe business and supply chain management with efficient end to end process oriented solution.

Our distinct business approach to ERP means that we are sensitive to our clients overall business goals and are able to get to the heart of some of the most complex business structures in order to craft simple solutions. Because we understand that our clients require enterprise resource planning systems that fit right into their unique business models and meet up to their changing business requirements, we specialize in extending the capability of the product over and above its standard functionality to allow a substantial degree of configuration while limiting development to less than twenty percent.

Our Mission

To help us realize our ambitions, PSD committed Consulting team is its strength and we consider our Customers as our Partners in our growth. We are committed to the principle of recruiting the best and pay the best as per industry standards, so that, as our customer you get to interact with the best in the businesses. We value your time.

We are also committed to retaining our team by applying the best HR strategies possible, for a company of our size.

We plan to grow beyond what we have set out to achieve, and we are committed to this relationship as the cornerstone of the PSD foundation.

Commitment for us is a direction to be pursued, until it works for you.

Our Vision

PSD is driven by ambitions to make brand PSD, a leader in the Business Solutions Consulting Services. We have a target to grow in the next three years to be among top two ERP solution providers in Iran & among top three in next five years in the Middle East.