Sage Enterprise Intelligence for Sage ERP X3

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is now available for Sage ERP X3. This new business intelligence tool complements the core analytics built into Sage ERP X3 with a much broader set of analytical functions. It also offers an alternative to the current options provided by Sage Intelligence and Sage ERP X3 Advanced Intelligence by Business Object. Let’s take a closer look.

Elegant Simplicity & Power

As the Enterprise label suggests, this powerful reporting tool offers industrial-strength business intelligence and data warehousing capabilities across all areas of operations, including finance, distribution, manufacturing, sales, purchasing and budgeting. You also can connect to other data sources in your enterprise to achieve combined real-time analytics. At the same time, it empowers users to access and analyze data in a self-sufficient manner—eliminating the need for disparate tools and specialized skills—and can dramatically reduce the time it takes to make informed decisions. Since it’s Web-based, SEI is easy to access in the office or on the go using a browser or mobile device.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence can help you:
• Reduce the time you need to spend on business analysis and reporting
• Empower users to analyze and report on information in a self-sufficient manner
• Simplify and accelerate the distribution of information across the organization for more informed decision making

Improve Collaboration & Operational Performance

SEI securely leverages the central database of Sage ERP X3 and other sources, giving business users real-time insight into enterprise data, supporting coherent decision making and fostering continuous cross-functional improvement. Sharing and alert functionality offers managers consistent, up-to-date information that can play a significant role in strategic areas such as:

  • Improving supply chain performance
  • Resolving quality issues
  • Focusing marketing efforts
  • Building a faster, larger sales pipeline

Robust Features & Functions

The power of Sage Enterprise Intelligence starts with tight integration, continues with deep analytical functionality and rounds out with exceptions and alerts. With all this power, it retains a high level of usability and user self-service.


SEI comes with a deep, secure integration into your Sage ERP X3 data and also can report off other databases, even combining it with the information from the Sage ERP X3 database. Integration is real-time, so you get up-to-the-minute information and online analysis—and as you would expect, Microsoft Excel integration is available as well.

Analytical Functionality

The software lets you slice and dice your data every way you can think of, including drill-down and drill-up through transactional data. Filtering, grouping, sorting and ranking are all accomplished with ease. You can add formulas to your data and perform geospatial analysis.

SEI also fully supports financial reporting, budgeting and multicompany consolidation of information. Even if your database is very large, SEI can crunch numbers fast with full online analytical processing (OLAP).

Exceptions & Alerts

Sage Enterprise Intelligence lets you easily create your own dashboard with key performance indicators relevant to you. Automatic distribution of reports and analysis makes it easy to keep stakeholders informed.


With all this power, SEI also offers usability that puts its use in the grasp of all your knowledge workers. It begins with an intuitive Web interface, continues with a wide range of reporting templates to help you get started and finishes with dynamic visualization of data through the use of charts, gauges and maps. Content can easily be exported to HTML, Excel and PDF, and you can even run the software from mobile devices.

With its super-fast data processing engine, Sage Enterprise Intelligence is a good choice for Sage ERP X3 customers with a large volume of data to analyze. Please contact us for a demonstration.

April 2014

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