Why Sage ERP X3

Why Sage ERP X3?

Why do companies choose Sage ERP X3 to run their business?

Over 4,000 mid-sized businesses are using Sage ERP X3 daily. They chose Sage ERP X3 over competitive mid-market ERP systems to improve the overall organizational performance of their company, from revenue growth to internal efficiencies, from supply chain to customer service. Common business challenges that they seek to solve are:

  • Sustain revenue growth in competitive markets
  • Improve speed and quality
  • Streamline business processes while preserving the company agility to change directions as markets evolve
  • Manage increasingly complex operations with limited resources and staff

As customers measure how Sage ERP X3 is helping them achieve their goals, common findings include:

  • Productivity gains and cost reduction
  • Internal and external business processes optimization
  • Simplified view of distributed operations and better insight

Did you know a recent independent survey by Ernst & Young on Sage ERP X3 performance showed the following results:

  • 75% of the Sage ERP X3 customers recording increased profitability attribute this to their new system
  • 72% of our customers are noticing significant improvement in management processes
  • 80% of our customers see the product as a significant improvement or new competitive edge for their company
  • 89% of the Sage ERP X3 customers think that commitments made at the start of their project have been met

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