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ERP remained in the last century

ERP remained in the last century

Enterprise Resource Planning should be a great thing. But more often than not, it’s exactly the opposite: a costly, time consuming sinkhole of an asset that can’t adapt to changing circumstances and hinders, not helps, your business grow. Big companies realize it cripples agility. Small and medium businesses see the costs and overheads involved – and also see how it can prevent the flexibility and adaptability that allows them to outmaneuver the big guys.

What are we talking about here, though? Well, research shows that:

  • 75% of ERP is not implemented on time
  • 70% of ERP installs create operational disruptions
  • 55% of ERP installs cost more than agreed on at the beginning of their deployment

It shouldn’t be this way. Good software and good solutions should benefit the businesses that use them. They shouldn’t run out of control on costs, and they should adapt to changing circumstances.

For example: five years ago, tablet computing was in its infancy, and Apple had only just launched the iPad. Smartphones were here – but the rich, portable and powerful computing experience that iOS and Android has brought us – on devices as varied as tablets, phones, TVs and watches – was not even a glimmer in someone’s eye.

Yet the ability to capture and retrieve data and usable information that provides immediate insight and benefit to one’s business is a massive, untapped seam of potential advantage. And if you can’t input data or view results on anything other than a full PC, your employees and your business are missing out.

We think it’s time to move away from the ERP legacy, and look at things from the customer’s perspective. It makes no sense to make, sell and support a monolithic, inflexible, unmoving platform that most businesses won’t get the most benefit from.

So we aren’t. We’re providing Sage X3, our business management solution, via the cloud, as well as on-premise. You can access it from a mobile device, chop it, change it, adapt and tinker with it. Sage Live, our cloud accounting solution available on the Sales force platform, can deliver the right information to the right people in your company at exactly the right time, and on any of the bits of computing hardware they might have on their person, from a laptop to a watch.

There is no room any more for ERP. There should only be stuff that delivers tangible benefits, affordable tools and pain-free access to insight.

Antoine Henry, Jan 6th 2016