Sage Geode Warehouse Management

Sage Geode Warehouse Management

part I

Sage Geode is a versatile Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed for mid-sized manufacturers and distributors that can run either stand-alone or as an integrated component of Sage ERP X3. The system is an ideal incremental step for companies that require more sophisticated warehousing functionality than is available in standard ERP systems, but want to limit the number of vendors used to obtain robust backoffice, shop floor and warehousing capabilities. Sage Geode helps companies move from basic inventory control or radio frequency-based stock locator systems to a truly configurable, rules-based WMS.

Sage Geode is connected with Sage ERP X3 via standard, pre-defined interfaces rather than sharing a database like other WMS offerings associated with ERP companies. This loosely coupled approach is important to ensure that the system easily links with both Sage ERP X3 and other back-office or supply chain management modules that companies might require. Together with Sage RF Warehousing and Sage ERPX3’s Inventory module, Sage Geode offers mid-sized companies a third option to select from based on the complexity of their processing requirements, one that supports more sophisticated warehouse practices typically found only in WMS systems from best of breed companies, such as wave simulations and configurable storage rules.

A Global Solution

Most best-of-breed WMS solutions are developed to support only U.S. centric business models. As a result, they lack the ability to accommodate global logistics and warehouse management practices. Sage Geode is intrinsically designed to support international data requirements and processing needs found in more sophisticated warehouse storage facilities. Its multi-site, multi-national orientation is ideal for mid-sized companies who have expanded or are seeking to expand their business into global markets. Examples of this sophistication can be found in the ability of Sage Geode to deal with special needs imposed by language, space limitations and automation availability, as well as the resources and size of emerging growth companies. The system also supports multiple languages, currencies, companies and practices, all in a fully configurable framework.

More importantly, Sage Geode offers world class features and configurability at a small system price, allowing midsized companies to leverage the power of the system at a low startup cost and ongoing cost of ownership.

Open and Configurable

Sage Geode has been constructed with flexibility at its core. While such flexibility normally breeds complexity, Sage Geode bridges this complexity by providing an integrated toolset that facilitates adaptation of screens, process logic, and data structures to individual client needs. The Sage ERP X3 Toolset is comprehensive in that it includes a data dictionary, an event-driven 4GL and a multitude of development utilities that help simplify adaptation to a customer’s business environment as well as ease upgrades and maintenance. Beneath the toolset is a data repository with an N-tier architecture, built using modern databases that are cost effective and the most popular choices for mid-market operating platforms. Database choices include either Microsoft’s SQL Server or Oracle with the option to select either Microsoft Windows or Unix as the operating system.

Sage Geode easily extends to the Internet through its open web architecture, and uses a thin client to facilitate database and application connections from the client terminal. Through use of XML formatting, Sage Geode is also readily accessible via browser access from remote locations. The toolset will publish Web Services in Java/ XML format to simplify the interface to share applications over a network such as the Internet.

to be continued.

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