Sage Geode Warehouse Management (Part II)

A Unique “One Stop Shop” for Software, Hardware andServices

Sage Geode provides users with the ability to enter data and scan labels using RF devices, and to create and print barcodes as well. It works with any ANSI-compatible device, from wireless hand-held RF barcode scanners to fixed station devices such as badge scanners,barcodewands, keyboard wedges, hand-held tethered scanners and clocking stations. Sage distributes data collection equipment manufactured by leading hardware vendors, providing businesses with a unique one-stop-shop for ERP and WMS software, integrated data collection, barcode label management, hardware devices and full implementation services.Experience teaches us that implementing a warehouse management system can negatively impact customer service if not properly planned and executed. Sage works closely with customers to minimise the operational impact of “going live.” There are several “go live” strategies available depending on individual company operations to help minimise these risks, including an incremental cut over by product line, line of business, carrier or customer, that vary in complexity and effort. The result is a completely integrated solution designed to provide companies with a rapid return on investment through greater accuracy, faster cycle times, and lower costs.

Best-of-Breed Functionality

Sage offers mid-sized companies the combination they’re looking for in a WMS: integrated best-ofbreed functionality and software architecture, current technology and open standards, service and support by experienced staff, tools for personalisation, and at a reasonable price. Especially differentiating functionality includes:

• Support for English, French and Spanish languages and easy translation to others

• Rule and parameter driven process logic capable of supporting multiple warehouse practices −such as paper and radio frequency modes −in the same warehouse

• Support for multiple warehouses/sites, tenants/ depositors, currencies, suppliers, units of measure, container equivalences, customer specific document formats and other features co-mingled in the same logical warehouse

• Ability to generate customer-specific labelling and documentation (to facilitate drop and vendor direct shipments)

• Dock Scheduling

• Wave Simulations and Shipment Planning

• Automated Equipment Integration

Sage Geode is installed throughout Europe and in the U.S. in a variety of target markets including wholesale or retail distributors, process manufacturers (such as chemicals, food and life sciences) and discrete manufacturers (including industrial products, consumer goods and electronics).

Features and Functions


• Multiple languages

• Multiple sites

• Multi-company (depositor)

• Multiple and external zones (stores)

• Multiple containers and container equivalence

• Web-based user interface (thin client, Internet Explorer)

• Centralised or distributed deployment

• Standard X3 interfaces

• Support for industry-standard barcode, printer and RF equipment

• Embedded Crystal Reports for ad-hoc needs

Overall System

• ASN/expected receipt support

• Stock reservation management

• Batch/lot control Serial number control

• Transfers and external warehouse management

• Date management: Expiration, Use By, Sell By, FIFO,LIFO, other

• EAN-13 code management

• GALIA, INOVERT, EDIFACT, EANCOM EDI standards supported (using 3rd Party translation tools)


• Dock scheduling and management

• Blocking and non-conformity management

• Automatic or manual allocation of locations

• Location allocation in proximity of picking bays

• Product consolidation

• Multi-batch/lot and multi-product slot management

• Validation against expected input/ASN

• Bonded stock management

• Quality control

• Apply/remove holds, inbound sampling


• Wave simulation and wave management

• Batch picking or order picking (by zone)

• Order Splitting (multiple shipments)

• Back order and short allocation management

• Replenishment (min/max, override, source control)

• Carton sizing/pre-packing or directed packing

• Shipment/load control and document preparation

• Shipping system integration

• Carrier selection

• Freight rating

• Label and document compliance


With Sage Geode, companies can benefit from the following:

• Increased productivity through more efficient putaway and pickpaths and processes

• Timely, accurate information from capturing information directly in the warehouse via scan or otherwise, validated to eliminate keying errors

• Improved data quality through verification of data before it is posted into Sage ERP X3

• Fewer shipping errors from multiple verifications during picking and loading of products

• More accurate inventory counts results in lower carrying costs and fewer stock outages

• Reduced overhead by accommodating higher material and data volumes with fewer errors and less personnel

• Shorter learning curves for warehouse personnel to learn and utilise automated data entry devices

• Improved warehouse utilisation through product consolidation and balanced use of available capacity

• Faster, automated generation of shipping documentation

• Reduced labour from automatic handling of carrier and customer compliant or personalised documentation

• Minimised product handling Accurate, more timely labour efficiency and utilisation reporting to management

• Improved availability of information for supporting or supported systems; tighter collaboration between business entities and partners through electronic data transfer.

Sage Geodeis ideal for companies with the following characteristics:

• Receive or ship at least five truckloads/1000 parcels per day

• Replenish a forward picking area manually and need automation to improve productivity

• Need flexible configurations for multiple warehouse sites or business units, but want to stay close to the standard software offering for easy upgrade

• Manage more than 200 SKU’s

• Need to interact with automated equipment such as conveyors

• Need software to manage complex or multiple workflows including serial numbers, lot control, date controls and kits

• Are growth-minded and require software that can be reconfigured over time, with little or no vendor intervention

• Want to take advantage of new supply chain technology in the future, such as RFID

• Achieve low deployment costs with unlimited desktop access through a browser-based user interface

• Desire short implementation timeframes

• Want a system with the flexibility to quickly leverage market  trends when they happen to achieve growth and maintain.

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