X3 Connector for Sage CRM

CRM Webservices Framework 2.1 featuring X3 Connector -Nov 2013

There is an increasing demand globally for Sage ERP X3 integration into Sage CRM. Sage Technologies have developed their own version of X3 integration with Sage CRM, and in parallel, Enbu Consulting have developed a complementary X3 integration tool, X3 Connector for Sage CRM, which extends the offering to allow Real-Time Views of Customers, Quotes and Orders, indeed all data (all Existing and Extended Sets of Data), in addition to Accounts. It also, provides the ability to change, add to, delete and update this data, saving on licence costs and automatically inherits validations and rules that are in X3.

Diagram gives an overview of the X3 Connector for Sage CRM. 
A degree of customisation is required in most ERP projects, to allow the solution to meet client specific requirements. By installing Enbu'sX3 Connector for Sage CRM (CRM Webservice Framework 2.1 with X3 connector product), all data (enabled web service definitions) can be viewed in real-time in Sage CRM and changed, deleted or updated as required. 

Ultimately this Framework allows CRM to extend its interfaces into Sage ERP X3 to whatever level is required. The nature of this framework means that X3 access can be available through all Sage CRM interfaces, including multiple browsers and mobile options.

Description X3 Connector

Enbu Consulting has developed an X3 connector as part of its latest version of the CRM Webservice Framework product. The CRM Webservice Framework, is a flexible open ended infrastructure that is applied on top of Sage CRM to allow integration to 3rd party systems.

Within the framework is the Gateway, which is an open source service and the Enbu X3 Connector is one of the numerous connectors available in this Gateway. Being open source this allows 3rd party systems to be able to access the Gateway and allows the X3 connector to add, delete and update information in real-time, so Sage CRM has the very latest information from Sage ERP X3, at all times.


Features X3-Connector

Other features of the Gateway include:

  •  The Gateway and therefore Enbu’s ‘X3 Connector for Sage CRM’ is not version dependent
  •  Mail Merge of 3rd party data in CRM
  •  Ready built-in libraries and functions
  •  Real time updates
  •  Not limited to just basic data, the Enbu X3 Connector can use any web service definition such as Projects, Work Orders, etc.

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