Could Sage be ahead of the curve?

Last week Sage announced the release of the latest version of its mid-market ERP X3 offering at a showcase event in Lisbon. Across a two day event we met with a number of key representatives from the France-based mid-market management team to discuss both the new product and the go to market strategy. What particularly stood out is that, in contrast to past software releases, Sage appears to be ahead of the curve in the mid-market.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence for Sage ERP X3

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is now available for Sage ERP X3. This new business intelligence tool complements the core analytics built into Sage ERP X3 with a much broader set of analytical functions. It also offers an alternative to the current options provided by Sage Intelligence and Sage ERP X3 Advanced Intelligence by Business Object. Let’s take a closer look.

Elegant Simplicity & Power

Deveho Wins Contracts with Phoenix Services and Celsis for Sage ERP X3 Implementation

Deveho Consulting, supplying expert support in information systems and management solutions, has won a contract with Phoenix Services to implement Sage ERP X3 in its offices in Belgium, Poland and Romania. Separately the company has announced a new deal with Celsis, the world’s leading innovator in rapid detection, to implement Sage ERP X3 in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Phoenix Services is headquartered in the U.S. and Celsis is headquartered in the UK, with operational offices in the U.S. and continental Europe.

Sage Estimates 5,000 Will Attend Sage Summit 2014

Sage North America have begun mailing some prior conference sponsors with information about exhibiting at their upcoming Sage Summit 2014 event to be held July 28-31, 2014 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. The 2014 prospectus reveals several things.

First, Sage is expecting 5,000 total participants. That’s up from the 3,000+ which they advertised in their 2013 mailing to potential exhibitors. After the 2013 conference the official number of 2013 attendees was given as 2,000 .


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