Sage ERP X3 Global Convention 2014 (Lisbon- May 2014)


The Sage ERP X3 Global Convention is a unique event which brings together our worldwide ecosystem once a year.

Designed to support business development and knowledge sharing, it allows business partners, Sage employees, Executives and industry experts to learn and share through keynote speeches, workshops and breakout sessions. Our exhibition area provides an ideal platform for face-to-face international networking.

The Four Biggest Omnichannel Challenges of 2014

The New Year is now upon us and forward-thinking retailers had better address the challenge of the omnichannel model quickly if they haven’t already. Customers expect to interact with brands through any channel, at any time, without sacrificing experience or service, yet many retailers are ill-prepared to provide it with inflexible, outdated processes and systems unable to adjust to change.

Why Sage ERP X3

Why Sage ERP X3?

Why do companies choose Sage ERP X3 to run their business?

Over 4,000 mid-sized businesses are using Sage ERP X3 daily. They chose Sage ERP X3 over competitive mid-market ERP systems to improve the overall organizational performance of their company, from revenue growth to internal efficiencies, from supply chain to customer service. Common business challenges that they seek to solve are:

Grupoarbulu improves its information systems with Sage ERP X3

Madrid, 03 October 2013 - grupoarbulu, the Spanish market leader in marine electronics, has signed an agreement to implement the Sage ERP X3 management solution across its various group subsidiaries.

The group chose Sage’s innovative ERP solution due to its flexibility when working across international offices. It was also impressed with its corporate management structure abilities, as well as other features such as ergonomics, 100% web-based modules for CRM and document management.



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