Grupoarbulu improves its information systems with Sage ERP X3

Madrid, 03 October 2013 - grupoarbulu, the Spanish market leader in marine electronics, has signed an agreement to implement the Sage ERP X3 management solution across its various group subsidiaries.

The group chose Sage’s innovative ERP solution due to its flexibility when working across international offices. It was also impressed with its corporate management structure abilities, as well as other features such as ergonomics, 100% web-based modules for CRM and document management.


Christophe Letellier, CEO of Sage ERP X3 now leading Sage’s European mid-market business

The Sage Group plc has announced the formation of a new organization to drive its growth across the European mid-market. The organization, which is in place from January 2013 and is led by Christophe Letellier, will be aligned behind Sage’s flagship solution, Sage ERP X3*, and other local mid-market offerings.

Sage recognizes the European mid-market as having common characteristics such as the of customer, complexity of processes, and customers with international presence or ambitions.

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